Social media and plenty of space are used for the Urban Land Institute's bi-annual Meetings- we wanted to talk to their members in way that got them excited for the few days to come while reminding them about the thought-leader organization they are part of. 


Urban Land Institute

2017 Fall Meeting

Project: Develop concept and specific use cases for the Urban Land Institute's bi-annual member meeting held Fall 2017, in Los Angeles, CA

Target User: ULI Members

Goal: Showcase the ways ULI connects their real estate and land use expert members from all over the world and highlight Los Angeles, the location of the fall meeting.

Role: Concept creator, Designer, Presentation design


  • The colors represent both ULI (Fall Meeting Blue) and LA (Sunset Pink and Yellow) and were used when speaking about the ULI as an organization or the meeting, respectively
  • This event hosted over 5,000 leaders from every sector of the real estate industry

Colors that could be pulled out when speaking of the event itself or changing it to another set that could speak to the organization in general were ways to bring this event to life. The connection lines throughout the materials were ways to bring the people in the photography toward the typographic statements and calls to actions. Giving texture to the look with Los Angeles photography was a way to bring it home and give it that local uniqueness while not distracting from the purpose of the Meeting.