TGDCO holiday party

Instead of a holiday party with Christmas decor, we wanted to celebrate our clients and also seven years of being in business. I worked with our other designer to come up with the icons, gifs, favor envelopes, etc that all played on the 'lucky' theme.

The Adele

The Adele is a new development being built in the heart of DC. It will be a handful of luxury penthouse units tailored to the businessmen and women coming into the city and having their own place to stay while they are here. Currently, there is just a splash page as the construction is still in development. 


Right Proper Brewing
Hot Sauce

Right Proper Brewing Company already has a logo, but they are expanding their brand to a brewery and their current brewpub. This hot sauce was a fun additional item that they envisioned as a playful piece to accentuate their brand. They enjoyed my hand-lettered approach, so we took it that direction.

Pepita Cantina

This Cantina is a new concept by Mike Isabella. He wanted a brand that was full of life, with a nice reference to traditional Mexican signage. We wanted vibrant colors and to create pepita seeds that could make shapes and forms stand out. I worked out the logo and the designs within the seeds as well as all of the signage and collateral.

photo credit Matt Batista/TGDCo

Higher Achievement

 Higher Achievement  is a great after-school program for kids. They came to us for guidance on interior graphics that would show off their great scholars and encourage anyone coming to their headquarters to keep working for the kids and the program. For this project, I worked through a flow of where quotes, photos, and extra information would go throughout the space and designed those elements. 

photo credit Matt Batista/TGDCo