Project: Metropolis Magazine Workplace of the Future competition and Gensler Internship Project

Target User: Freelancers, Small creative teams, Business travelers

Goal: Utilize Urban parking spaces to discourage car usage and encourage collaboration

Role: Only Graphic/Environmental Design Intern, Naming + Branding, Presentation design, User Experience and Concept for App


  • Worked collaboratively with 4 Interior Design students, 4 Architecture students and 1 Urban Planner at Gensler San Francisco Summer of 2013
  • A versatile co-working space that would also encourage passerby to take note and ask questions- be part of the experience
  • An app that would connect these co-workers to one another and encourage collaboration through a shared environment and common or very opposite skillsets and interests
  • Removing cars from polluted cityscapes to bring the people to the ground level and create a more walkable, public-transit focused city