A friend came to me to see if I would be interested in helping her on a project she had been wanting to launch for awhile- Oklahomans for Sex Education. The numbers of young pregnancies and uneducated pregnancies are very high in Oklahoma and I knew that I wanted to be part of this project. The school system is abstinence only and no one is fighting it and recognizing that there are additional ways to teach sex ed in schools. This was primarily for a facebook campaign, but she hoped it could grow into more collateral and such, so I came in to help get a facebook campaign designed and then give her the tools to produce more later. She knew she wanted it to be called 'Oklahomans for Sex Education", but we talked about how we weren't proposing getting rid of abstinence-only programs altogether, just incorporating more scientific/ educational  programs along with the others to have a more well-rounded program for these kids. Then they were more informed and could make better decisions. 

I came up with the tagline, "Open the Conversation" to express that this was not about picking a side of sex ed vs abstinence-only, it is about giving them everything we can and empowering them to make their own, educated decision. And I looked at various marks for the project, and the tagline ended up informing the final speech bubbles. 

Initial Oklahoma shape/ Type focused sketches