Former U.S. Representative Patrick J. Kennedy speaks to a group in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention for the rally his organization, The Kennedy Forum, and the Scattergood Foundation, put on for Mental Health and Substance Use Reform. Source: Twitter @KimRymsha


The Kennedy Forum

Like-minded Rally

Project: Create logo and collateral for the Like-Minded Rally, a mental health and substance use reform rally during the 2016 Democratic National Convention in PA for The Kennedy Forum and Scattergood Foundation

Target User: Supporters of mental health and substance use reform and politicians and non profits who want this issue to be taken seriously

Goal: Have an engaging visual identity that unites individuals to an issue that affects so many

Role: Designer


  • The arrow concept was perfect for a rally because it was meant for t-shirts and posters and framed the person wearing/ holding it as well as their supportive neighbors
  • The event had a strong turn out and press to promote reform