animal legal defense fund

Project: Refreshed brand identity, website, and collateral for Animal Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit that protects animals' rights

Target User: Current donors, Legal professionals and students, and animal lovers

Goal: Show a rational but passionate non-profit that fights for the humane treatment of all animals through the one area that can effect real change- the law.

Role: Lead designer for logo, website redesign, and print materials


  • Hired woodblock illustrator, Thomas Shahan, to create engraved animal illustrations for the five Focus Areas that ALDF protects
  • The design of the website and print materials were approached with a law-journal in mind – professional and to be taken seriously in a courtroom while also bold and emotional for the public audience to encourage support
  • Experience was designed for lawyers coming for research, animal advocates wanting to support the fight, and students who are learning about animal law and where it is going


Animal Legal Defense Fund's logo shows the protection of animals through the shield and cleverness of lawyers with the fox. The bold typography shows the determination to make change for animal protection through law.

Original Site was cluttered and outdated. The ALDF team knew they needed a refresh and wanted to highlight the work they were doing in a professional but still passionate way. 

View The Animals' Advocate here