Laura Fortner

Hi there. My name is Laura and I am an Interactive Designer at Threespot in Washington, D.C.. I  graduated from the Visual Communications program at the University of Oklahoma in 2009. I'm still learning as much as I can about design and design process and am thoroughly enjoying and absorbing every moment of it. I am a true believer in getting away from the computer and working outside of the screen to improve what happens on the screen. 

I love to travel (doesn't everyone?) and experience the wonders of different places. Cats and dogs are my favorites and I do what I can by volunteering and fostering at The Washington Humane Society. The first three (below) are my own little circus and the fourth with the cute nose is my current foster. I'm also a huge fan of anything printmaking- it feels great to get my hands dirty and make some art.

I would love to hear from you at laura@hereislaura.com